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02 About

Hello There!

Society says, "I am autistic"

God says I am "PERFECT"

I have completed my Senior Secondary Grade of Schooling. I also completed a Diploma in Adaptive Yoga. I am very much interested in Computer-Based Skills. And HashHackCode initiates my Coding Journey & my interest was channeled into a curiosity that built the foundation for me to learn and aspire. I completed creative coding, Web Designing,Web Development, Web Accessibility courses in HashHackCode.

My strengths

  • Web Designing
  • Celebration Websites
  • Accessible Websites

Trying to come out from the clutches of autism with your support

  • Birthdate : 30/09/1995
  • Skype : prem
  • Phone : + 91 9894772282
  • Email : hi@codewithprem.in
  • Website : www.codewithprem.in
  • Addresses : Chennai-41 India
Celebration Websites
Brochure websites
Accessible Data
Accessible Websites
03 Resume


  • 2021 Feb-Apr

    Accessible Web Development


    Using the basic norms of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) I learned Accessible Web Development for Visually Challenged, People with low vision, Cognitive differently abled, Senior citizen,etc.. at Hashhackcode.

  • 2021 Jan-Feb

    Pro Web Designing


    Trained me to master professional web designing skills right from planning, conceptualizing, and optimizing content for websites. The course trained me how to design beautiful, responsive, and intuitive websites with emphasis on project-based learning and work ethics. HHC trained me the Basic Structure of html, css, header patterns, text style etc , to create websites. We practiced multiple Website patterns.

  • December,2020

    User Interface


    I learned various creative UI Components Specialised in navigation using ul , li tags. Using UI Components I practiced & Created Different user interfaces like My Family, My favourite Food,etc..

  • September,2020

    Creative Coding


    Enabled me with different abilities with just basic computer knowledge, to build a foundation and curate interest to learn coding, digital expression and computational thinking. The course encouraged me to focus the principles of programming by exploring creative ideas and challenges.


  • May,2021

    Vignesh-Mangai Wedding

    Wedding Website

    It was a beautiful experience to create this Wedding Website. They felt very happy , as their dear & near ones were able to enjoy livestream of wedding through our Website since it was a peak of corona pandemic situation.

  • April,2021

    Sudha-Nishanth Wedding

    Wedding Website

    Sudha and Nishanth enjoyed our website very much. Their parents were sighed with great relief, as so many friends and relatives were able to see the livestream of wedding from their homes thro this Website because of the pandemic situation.

  • October,2020

    Ananth Arangetram

    Dance Website

    Ananth's Parents were overjoyed and appreciated my swift work in designing his website in short duration. The programme was a great success since the visitors were able to leave their wishes in Guest Book in the website.

  • September,2020

    Codewithprem Launching

    Official Website

    On my 25th birthday, my coding mentor Mr. Manu Sekar gifted me a pleasant surprise by launching my personal website www.codewithprem.in which was memorable turning point in my life.



Unique Skills

  • Accuracy100%
  • Sustain Concentration95%
  • Creative Coding100%


  • English 100%
  • Tamil95%


  • May, 2021


    Wedding Website

    Thank you very much Prem for your Excellent work in designing the Marriage Website. The website was very neat and clear and in the exact way I wanted it to be. I really appreciate you for designing the Website on such a short notice in a creative manner. Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. I wish you many years of great achievements.

  • April, 2021


    Wedding Website

    Hi Prem, We appreciate your hard work and dedication in designing Sudha-Nishanth Wedding website..Your enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring..May your creativity shine bright in the days to come..we knew that you could do this..Keep up your excellent work in the future. We wish you many years of great achievements..This is the beginning of many more good things to come..Keep rocking PREM.

  • October, 2020


    Dance Website

    Thanks Mr. Prem Shankar for a fantastic job. We found out about your work only a few weeks before the arangetram so the work had to be done fast. We appreciate the speed with which you and your team completed Ananth’s arangetram website. The arangetram was a very special day for Ananth. Because you set up the website quickly, livestream viewers were able to leave messages in the guest book. After the event, you updated the site with videos from the event. So now we have a well-designed website that we can share with friends and family. Since the arangetram was Ananth’s dream for many years, we are happy to have this website to preserve our memories of this important day! - Dr. Dasaratha Rama (Ananth’s mother).

04 Portfolio

Our Services Include

Web Designing

We create amazing static HTML websites that are perfect for highlighting your organisation.
  • Custom Design
  • Video & Image Gallery
  • Responsive Website

Content Assistance

We assist you to build the content and structure of the website .
  • Content Planning
  • Proof Reading
  • Content Optimization

Service Deployment

We will help you to buy a domain, upload your website to your hosting provider
  • Domain Setup
  • Email Setup
  • Hosting Assistance
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Get in touch

Feel free to contact me

  • hi@codewithprem.in
  • + 91 9894772282
  • Chennai,TamilNadu,India